OLA Consulting Engineers

AT OLA, We pride ourselves in staying true to our firm values in all that we do.

Guiding philosophy
  • TEAMWORK We establish and maintain a sense of teamwork at all levels stressing good communications, fairness and accountability to each other and the team.
  • INTEGRITY We are an organization that can be trusted – expressed in our ethical behavior, honesty, fairness and consistency in our dealing with clients, sub-consultants, suppliers and with each other.
  • QUALITY We continually strive for engineering excellence providing practical solutions for our clients’ challenges, presenting our solutions accurately, timely and within budget constraints.
  • LEARNING We are committed to continual learning for the purposes of improving skills, developing careers and strengthening the team.
  • FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY We shall continually strive for a fair profit; we shall grow responsibly and be conservative in all financial matters.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY We shall be good citizens in our local and engineering communities, by participating in volunteer activities, societies and through contributions to local organizations.
  • PURPOSE To create better environments through an ongoing commitment to:

    • Provide innovative solutions

    • Promote personal, professional and organizational development

    • Perpetuate employee satisfaction

  • MISSION To continually grow responsibly by diversifying our client base, expanding the services we offer, and effectively organizing and developing our team. We will be regarded as the firm of choice for our accomplishments in the regions we serve.
  • vivid description We will be the engineer that clients want on their team. We will be the “go-to-firm” for solving engineering problems. Other design consultants will seek us out to be on their teams when pursuing projects. We will be selective with the projects we take and the personnel we hire. We will grow our business by first maximizing our exposure in the Tri-State areas. We will then grow by exploring and entering new markets, by expanding our expertise, and by adding new services. Our growth will fuel the development of our team positioning us to seize new opportunities and enter developing markets. We will be known for our quality engineering and service. We will dedicate substantial resources to continual learning. We will be a strong team with each member taking responsibility for his/her role and sharing in the success. We will be widely known for our leadership, competence, quality, service and contribution to local communities.
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