OLA Consulting Engineers

our Internship Program was developed with your future in mind. Make part of your summer vacation a valuable preview into the industry by learning how you can make a difference as a Mechanical, Electrical, or Energy Engineer.


We interviewed colleges and universities. We paid attention to competing programs. Most importantly, we listened to you. The result? A competitive 6-8 week program combining engineering software training with in-house and on-site project experience.

On-site Experience

Your assigned mentor will guide you through the functionality of engineering software for hands on project design and development. On-site experience includes surveying project sites in design, construction, and completion phases.


“Consulting engineering is unique in that you work on various projects at once while constantly selling your skills. I was able to learn something new every day and was exposed to many facets of the business.” Sarah Rosaschi, Energy Intern, Lamar University


“As an intern for OLA Consulting Engineers, you get a chance to see behind the curtain and walk in spaces that people don’t get to visit. The ability to work on a project in AutoCAD and then go to the site and have an understanding about the project is gratifying by connecting models and reality.” Michael Levy, Mechanical Intern, Cornell University


“A successful internship program functions as a bridge between students and industry. It provides both with insights into the other, and allows the profession to extend into the future by having professional engineers interact with students who are about to begin their careers. OLA is one of today’s leaders in the industry who encourage and support the next generation of engineers.” Bahman Litkouhi, Ph.D., P.E., Manhattan College, Professor and Graduate Program Director

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