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NYSERDA's “Clean Energy in Action” Series Highlights Long-time Client Rudin Management

In an effort to improve energy efficiency and reach certain sustainability goals, Rudin Management, one of New York’s leading commercial and residential real estate management and development firms, worked with OLA Consulting Engineers, supported by NYSERDA, to redesign its 39,800 square foot executive office space at 345 Park Avenue, starting with a comprehensive energy analysis.


“We were interested in surpassing the current energy code by creating a high-performance space that really worked for everyone involved. So it was an easy fit for us.”
—John J. Gilbert III, COO, EVP, RUDIN Management Co., Inc.


Following the analysis, which included energy savings estimates and return on investment calculations, several energy saving measures were incorporated in the construction and design of the space. The new tenant fit-out project utilized the existing building perimeter induction units and the existing building air-handlers to provide HVAC for the space. All new ductwork and VAV boxes were installed throughout the space to provide the desired zone control. A total of nine single zone supplemental air conditioning units were installed for offices and conference rooms. New zone valves were provided for the perimeter system and a new control system was provided for the entire HVAC system. Working with the client’s lighting designer, a high efficiency lighting system was installed with occupancy and daylight controls. The entire tenant space is controlled and monitored utilizing Nantum, which ties together the control systems for HVAC, lighting, metering, and access control as well as data from third party sources for weather, occupancy, etc. to prescribe operational adjustments in real-time to improve building performance and occupant comfort.

By implementing the energy efficiency measures in the buildout, Rudin is experiencing an estimated 20% in energy savings compared to its pre-existing use baseline.



Through the Commercial Tenant Program, NYSERDA shares up to 100% of energy analysis costs. The program helps commercial building owners, managers, and tenants capitalize on their energy efficiency investments and turns energy saving commitments into highly functional, customized office spaces.


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